Sunday, July 5, 2009

a lot has happened

the last few weeks have been....busy, eventful, and filled w/transition. up until about a week ago, i had a legitimate excuse for not bloggin for a while, as we didn't have internet set up here at the house for a couple weeks. since then, though, i've just been a little short on words....

not b/c we haven't had anything happenin since our last post. actually, several significant things have happened - josh graduated! i finished up at the va. we had a crazy week of travellin around the state. we've moved to seymour. we have the most wonderful landlords for our little while farm house that sits in the middle of a wheat field. in a matter of just a few days down here, we had numerous stories to tell about livin in an old house and the first official days of josh bein a game warden....

it's just that josh has been really busy, and i've been really tired....

he's beamin all the time....excited to be a game warden and enthralled w/the adventure :)

i had three things i wanted to do once we moved:
1. sleep
2. read
3. unpack a little along the way

i've been fortunate enough to have had a couple weeks of just those three things. i'm feelin more rested than i have in months. i've read or finished several books. and all the functional things in the house are set up and operational...w/only pictures and decorations remaining.

once we have some time, we'll post some pictures....from graduation and the surrounding festivities, of our house, and of our new life here. hopefully that will happen in the next day or two. and now that we have internet and seem to be settlin into life in the hottest part of texas, we'll get back on the bloggin wagon.