Friday, July 19, 2013

the rest of the story...

a few days ago, i took to facebook and urged my panhandle friends to attend a fundraiser in amarillo featuring willie from 'duck dynasty.' my guess is that the connection b/w this event and my facebook status is not all that mysterious....

the fundraiser is a joint effort by and for the benefit of san jacinto christian academy and special delivery infant adoption agency

clearer now? 

i suppose in the world of adoption, this is similar to sending out a cute picture of riley in a t-shirt that says, "big sister." only here, the timeline is completely uncertain :)

so there's the news, the rest of the story....

we'll be working with special delivery this go-around. we've already attended their orientation and training. we're currently, albeit slowly, working on the application. we hope to get it turn in my the start of huntin' season (september 1). in the meantime, i'm workin more this summer in an effort to save money for the expenses soon to come. 

one of the things that sets special delivery apart from most other adoption agencies is their concerted effort to minister to birth mothers over an extended period of time (beyond the few months of pregnancy and immediate post-partum weeks) AND to minimize adoptive parent expenses as much as possible. one of the ways that they do this is by holding fundraisers every year. the contributions and donations gained through these events help sustain both their ministry to birth mothers and their desire to keep adoption costs as low as possible. 

so....if you're a 'duck dynasty' fan or an adoption fan or anyone who might in any way be affected by either, consider an evening out listenin to willie talk about his own experience with adoption :)