Wednesday, May 13, 2009

weekend in seymore

josh and i will both be in seymore this weekend...though not together really.

josh is headed north tomorrow. he'll spend the next 5 days w/his new captain and future-fellow wardens. they'll work the lake there (lake kemp)...and josh will begin meetin a whole bunch of folks he'll be workin alongside. just talked to him this evenin, and i could hear some relief in his voice at havin a few days away from the academy on the horizon.

the last couple days, i've been tryin to get a hold of some realtors there in seymore so that i could look at a few houses on saturday. this is proven to be a surprisingly....slow endeavor. nonetheless, the plan at the moment is for mama and i to drive down friday nite and spend saturday lookin at houses. we have no expectations of actually findin a place to live so soon....just hopin to get a general idea of the housing market and what some of our options might be come june.

in the meantime, we're countin down the days to graduation....

as a baby-side-note....i had the hsg test done last was less than comfortable, but the good news is that it was good news! for the first time in over 3 years, a test was run w/definitively positive results. such a relief.... playin phone tag w/the infertility specialist at the moment, as any next step is yet to be determined.

i'll try to post sometime early next week w/a seymore update....

p.s. congratulations to josh's sister and brother-in-law! mendi just officially finished her first year of law school-wife-motherhood....and bryan just graduated w/his doctorate. way to go, yall!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

big news!

after a rather significant week and a trip to abilene and back this weekend, i'm i don't have much descriptive capacity this evenin. nonetheless, we have some news....

josh passed the tclos exam! woo-hoo!!!

he was also given his first duty assignment -- baylor county. it's just sw of wichita falls....the town we'll live in is seymore....and it just so happens this was our number one choice on the 'wish list.' i think we're pretty fortunate...

more to say, but i'm out of words tonite.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

the usual progress note

the past few days have been busy...the next few promise to be significant.

josh spent the last week in east texas, playin in the water, drivin boats, and eatin crawfish. they got back to the academy friday evenin, and he's spendin the weekend down there. he's got a big test comin up on wednesday, so he needed the weekend to study.

for any of you who know a nurse...or who were near to me about 3 years ago might be vaguely familiar w/the nclex. it's the state licensing exam required to become an rn. basically, a whole bunch of money, hundreds of hours studyin, years of strain on one's person and family...can all be spent in the name of nursing school....but if you don't pass the nclex, it was all for not. well, this test josh has comin up wednesday is the law enforcement equivelant. 'tclos' - though i'm not exactly sure what it stands for. anyway, all these guys at the academy can spend 6 months studyin, away from their families, pt-ing every morning, sharin bathrooms and bunks...and if they don't pass the tclos exam....sorry!

so josh will take this test on wednesday....he's understandably very nervous, but we have no doubt he'll do well. the next day, the cadets will be given their assignments...or duty stations...or station assignments....or whatever they're called....they'll be told the counties they've been assigned to. so in less than a week, we'll know where we're goin! for those of you who haven't heard, we already know we won't be stayin in the panhandle. we're sad to be leavin our families and friends....but like i told josh a couple weeks ago -- at this point, it's hard for me to care where we end up geographically, as long as we can be there together....

as is usual for my blogs....i gotta tell you a little about the academy stuff and a little about the baby stuff

about a week ago, i went to see the infertility specialist in lubbock. she wants to run a couple tests to see how things are workin in me.... blood's already been drawn...and this next week, i'll have a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) done. (i don't know how to give yall the link to find out more....). basically, it's a test to see if my tubes are open. seein as how we've never posted very detailed information about tests and such, i'll leave it at that for now :)

and that's about it....but i think that'll be more than enough to keep us occupied the next few days.

i'm afraid we haven't ever thanked yall....for keepin up w/us...for stayin connected...for offerin your prayers and encouragements and hopes....for wantin what's best. so thank you...though it's long overdue...and please know we appreciate you stickin w/us....