Sunday, November 21, 2010

doctors and more

november has held up it's end of the deal and been ridiculously busy! i can't believe thanksgivin's almost here. i'm turnin into one of those old folks who talks about how quickly time passes...

onto the baby stuff...since i know that's what you're all interested in anyway :)

first of all, the timeline: if the birthmother goes to term, we're 5wks and 3 days out. if they induce her before christmas like they're talkin about doin, we're around 4ish wks out. WHAT?!?!? i think it's safe to say we're nearin the freaki-out zone.

just about all of my household/rearrangin/make room for the baby projects are complete. can you believe it? those of you familiar w/my tendencies to procrastinate and not develop sound strategies should be proud of me!

we met w/the pediatrician here in town and really liked her. she was frank and candid and friendly...she had a few opinions about diapers and formula and bottles but wasn't hard-nosed about any of it. we thought we'd have a week or two before havin to take little-bit into see her, but the dr wants to see her w/in about 48hrs of us comin home. since we're not sure how much contact we'll have w/the baby in the hospital, we're not opposed to havin her in our arms and talkin to a dr ourselves within such a short period of time.

speakin of drs....i'm goin to a dr's appt this week w/the birthmother. josh can't make the trip, as the days surrounding thanksgivin are some of his busiest of the year. plus, he's workin while he can since he'll be home for a while after the baby's here. anyway...mama's gonna go w/me, which i'm excited about. when i finally got up the nerve to ask the birthmother about comin to an appt, i was relieved by her immediate reception to the idea. "oh yeah. that'd be great!" lots of good things about goin to a dr's appt at this stage in the game.... get to hear the heartbeat, meet her dr...see her (the birthmother) again...continue to work to solidify the reality of all of this - for both of us. there's just somethin about seein somebody face-to-face that helps keep you grounded, ya know?

so there we are....right in the middle of it. my stars . . .

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

time's flyin

november promises to be a very busy month, especially w/several papers and projects due for class as the semester begins to wind down. deer season opens this comin weekend, so josh will be super busy pretty much until the baby comes. for a while now, i've been makin a mental (and tentative literal) list of the things to do before the baby comes.... rearranging things around the house, for example...or doin some research into formula and bottles and diapers... all the while, i've thought "oh, i can wait to do a lot of that for when i get out of school. i'll have almost a month before the baby comes."

well, i tend to be a rather literal until VERY recently, i've considered the due date of december 30th as THE day. but really? how many babies are actually born ON their due dates? furthermore, a recent conversation w/the birthmom revealed her dr's intent to induce her before christmas, assumin all is goin well. so....i don't finish school until the first week of december...and doin some very simple math has startled me into realizin i won't, as i have been plannin, have a month of free-er time to prepare.


one of the things i've decided to jump on pretty quickly is talkin to the local pediatrician. who would've thought the little town of seymour would have had a resident little people's doctor?! anyway, i scheduled an appt today, and we'll go in and talk to her in about a week and a half. after a rather instructional conversation w/mama, i have a list of questions to ask.

so now it's your turn - any questions/concerns/issues you think we need to address w/the dr before the baby comes? we're flyin pretty blind here, so we welcome any suggestions!