Saturday, March 12, 2011

allow me to introduce

officially. legally. for always ours.

riley layne mccrary.

Monday, March 7, 2011

funny. sweet, gettin better.still. very good. exciting. thankful.

funny thing - do me a favor. take both your arms and reach up overhead. now....when riley stretches, and w/all her might lifts her arms up, they don't come anywhere close to stretchin higher than the top of her noggin. it's hilarious.

sweet thing - when riley's about 1/2-3/4 asleep and her eyelids are doin all the work to stay awake, we can light rub her nose or trace her eyebrows w/our fingers, and she gets as still as a cold winter nite. it's marvelous.

gettin better thing - the screamin is only in spurts and only during normal-person-wakin hours. hallelujah.

still thing - when she does let those lungs loose, you better take cover. it's the oddest feelin...she'll cry and scream for a little bit, and when she calms down, i feel like i've just run several miles this huge faucet inside opens wide and just about all of me drains right out.

very good thing - we're goin on a week now of riley bear hibernatin thru the nite. and by hibernatin, i mean sleepin 11-12hrs. yes, ma'am, 11-12hrs.

exciting thing - we just found out, on relatively short notice, that we'll be goin to court this friday (!!!) for finalization. just so happens we'll already be in lubbock, so it's conveniently timed, too. we'll meet the lawyer a few minutes beforehand...then we go stand before the judge, answer a few questions, and then the judge declares...somethin...i'm sure her words will resound deep w/in our hearts, but i haven't the slightest clue what those words might be. anyway...the judge does her thing, then we head downstairs, sign a few papers...and just like that, the adoption is complete. crazy, huh? years of struggle....months of waitin....then a few minutes inside a courthouse to seal the deal. riley will legally become ours...a name, new birth certificate and all.

thankful thing - been home w/the fam for a few days, and it's been good. had some good time w/the whole crew....complete w/cousin danielle tryin her best to get riley to play w/her :)

so that's life lately. it's past midnite now...i'm gettin dangerously close to the bleary-eyed phase...