Sunday, November 22, 2009


about four things have been happenin the last while here....wasps attempting to take up residence inside the house, lots of school for me, lots of work for josh, and an extended visit from grandma. a combination of cooler weather and several cans of wasp spray have about taken care of the insect attack...two smaller assignments for me before i'm finished for the signs of slowin down b/w now and january for josh...and grandma, who is recovering exceptionally well after her knee replacement had to be replaced, will be goin home this week. whew!

one of josh's responsibilities is to take care of deer that have been hit on the highways. just b/c i have the time, i'll share the whole story.... a few days ago, josh got a call that a monster deer had been hit, so he went to investigate. the buck was dead, but b/c of his size, josh took his horns so he can use them in presentations and such....last sunday, a lady came up to me after church, tellin me how josh had found her deer. i thought maybe she and her husband had some land and had been watchin this deer, thus the endearing "my" when she spoke of the deceased. nope. "i'm the one who hit him!" was her clarification. anyway....the local taxidermist did a european mount with the skull and horns. (this means the mount is just the horns and bleached glassy brown deer eyes following you, no dead deer hair, etc). he finished this up pretty quickly, and josh picked it up on his way home from work. the deer's new home was to be josh's office at the courthouse....but he was temporarily placed next to the couch in the livin room.

two important events came about after this placement.... one, he started to i politely asked josh to please take him to his office as soon as possible. secondly...well, a revelation occurred.

along w/the deer horns, josh also needed to take this really big atlas back out to his using reason and logic, i placed this huge atlas right next to the deer mount....i rationally believed josh would remember the deer horns, go to retrieve them from the livin room, see the atlas, and take both items w/him to work. well, the next mornin, i reminded him about the horns....he proceeded to walk across the room, STEP OVER the atlas, pick up the horns, and turn to leave.


"josh, what about the atlas? don't you need to take it, too?" "what atlas?" oh my gosh...i about fell over. "oh, yeah, thanks...i didn't see it." WHAT?!?!

i asked him to wait a minute while i tried to process what had just happened....i had this feelin that if i took a moment to fully comprehend what had just happened, my life and our marriage might be changed.

after a few questions, reality was revealed. he honestly did not see the atlas. i don't understand it...i don't know how he couldn't see it....but i believed him...his face wasn't lyin (and if you know josh, you know his face is a dead give away for the truth).... so somehow, it is in fact true that he simply does not notice things sometimes....the very things that i pick up on immediately when i walk through our house (dirty socks, stacks of clean clothes, dishes, trash, blankets, stuff....)...i'm not completely lettin him off the hook! he's confessed to a few occasions of intentionally not pickin somethin up just to irritate me....but in general, he simply does not notice the same things i do...and he's not at all concerned w/stuff lyin around....

realizing all of this widened my eyes and made me laugh out loud! when i tried to explain it to obvious the atlas i had deliberately placed it next to the deer so he would see it....he eventually saw the situation from my point of view, chuckled, and left as if nothin had happened. of course.