Wednesday, April 27, 2011

all sorts of things

let's see.... riley bear's 4 month birthday (if you can call it that) came and went this week. the last month or so has brought w/it a bit less screamin, a trip to the strebeck's (she loved morgan and athan!), a wildfire that got a little too close to the house, and her first easter. she fell asleep during church but woke up and grinned for all of her adoring fans after the service. her nites of 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep are gone - she's wakin up every nite b/w 3-4. and she seems to right on track "right on track," i mean almost exactly.

by 4 months, babies should be able to roll over and should be reaching for objects and holdin on to them. well, at about 3 months and 25 days, she achieved both tasks. now, of course, she won't stay on her back very long at all - it's off to the rollin races!

we also went to the dr earlier this week. last friday, we noticed her little head was leanin to the left almost all of the time. she still had good range of motion and was trackin things just fine, but she was just a little cock-eyed. i initially thought everything was fine, no worries. but then my nurse brain kicked in, and by monday mornin, i was convinced i had keenly recognized about 4 other irregularities, all pointin to some sort of neurological malfunction.

so we went to the dr who put us all at ease. just a case of toricollis (though hers isn't considered congenital) caught early. basically, her neck muscles aren't equal in strength....probably (as josh and i have since concluded) due to how we always hold her in our left arms to feed her. so we have to stretch her neck a few times a day and change some simple ways that we play w/her...ensuring that she's movin her head to both sides, etc. we'll keep workin w/her, and it should resolve.

what else?????

oh! last week josh decided to have a daddy-daughter trip into town. it was the first time just the two of them left the house. he took her to the courthouse (where his office is), the gas station (where he gets free cokes, and the insurance company (where our friends are). and yes - we do live in a small town. josh said she did really well. she was wide-eyed and took in the whole experience. didn't make a sound almost the entire time....until they got back in the car and headed home....then she let loose and talked and talked and talked all the way back to the house. it was as if she was sayin, "daddy! guess what i go to do? i saw all sorts of new things and met all sorts of new people....." so cute!

alright. a whole blog in one sittin - how 'bout that?! better get goin before i'm unexpectedly interrupted :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

hello, world!

so many firsts....

riley screamed thru her first engagement party and slept thru most of her first trip to wal-mart. go figure.

she wore her first bow to church this mornin, and it stayed on.

it's finally not cold anymore, so she's in the other room takin her first all-i'm-wearin-is-my-diaper nap.

she didn't much care for her first trip out to the clothes line w/me.

she has her first cousins who are younger than she is. didn't take long!

and drum roll, please........ she slept thru her first fishin trip. (and by fishin trip, i mean josh fished while i sat on the bank and let riley sleep).

our riley bear can put on quite the show these days. she either screams and generously shares her unhappiness w/all w/in earshot...or she smiles and coos and makes all sorts of funny sounds. she likes to play "this little piggy...," and she's diggin her "the very hungry caterpillar book."

other than that, our lives are probably like most everyone's else's who has a baby...the house is a wreck, we look (and feel) tired almost all of the time, and we're not as uptight as we were just a few months ago.
that's really about all i know today. nothin terribly exciting....though i'm sure as soon as i click "publish post," i'll think of half a dozen stories that would have been much more entertaining.

hasta la pasta.