Thursday, October 22, 2009

hydrogen peroxide and funnies hasn't been quite a month since the last post...i've about decided i'm not gonna be able to swing the whole regular bloggin bit.

had a couple worthy game warden stories to share...

josh has officially experienced his first game warden-related injury, though it wasn't too bad. he and a few other wardens worked from dawn to dusk earlier this week tryin to catch enough fish for a big fish fry. (so...the game warden-related is a bit of a stretch...since he wasn't actually on duty). they jug-lined for over 130 catfish! if you don't know what jug-linin''s a little more involved than a rod and reel. anyway, while josh was pullin one of the lines up, the fishin line sliced thru his finger. he was in a boat, on the middle of a lake, joined only by other very masculine he figured wrappin a dirty rag around it secured w/a little duct tape would be sufficient.

side note: there's this thing that happens when you become a nurse...a thing that nurses joke about...and if you're close to one, you'll know what i'm talkin about.... one would think nurses would at all times display the utmost of sympathy and concern. well...that's not always how it happens. actually, most nurses tend to be pretty matter-of-fact and have tanks less than 1/4 full of pity.... that's not to say we don't get concerned about legitimate things, especially w/kiddos...but for full-grown adults? it takes a lot to invoke our sympathies.

so josh finally gets home around 8 or 8:30...we eat...we chit chat about our days...and then i ask him what's on his finger. he proceeds to tell me the story. probably a more naturally sympathetic wife would have insisted on a trip to the er and would have driven him herself. but that didn't happen here. we took off the nastiness referred to as the bandage and cleaned it as best we could. had he been home when this happened, a trip to the dr would have probably been justified...and stitches would probably have been in order. but at 9 at nite, the cut definitely did not warrant a trip to the we cleaned it and wrapped it up and repeated this a few times the first 24 hrs...then i found some steri-strips and plastered them on there. i think he'll be fine :)

also this week (it's been an eventful one!), josh went over to a neighboring county to help another warden w/an elementary school program. they had the 'operation game thief' trailer w/them, which houses a variety of antlers and stuffed animals and skins from confiscated game that were hunted illegally. the kids were all 4th graders, and josh came back w/some of the funniest stories!!

josh: can anyone tell me what kinds of birds these are?
kids: chickens! turkeys! peacocks! eagles!.....quail!
josh: that's right. they're quail. now can anyone tell me what kind of quail?
kids: boy quail!
josh: (smilin...not quite expectin a gender-specific answer) that's right, too. now can you tell me what kind of boy quail they are?
kids:.... ..... ..... (prolonged silence as they all squinted their little eyes and cocked their heads to the side).... ..... ........ ............ (then finally....) mohawk quail?!
josh: laughin

note: quail have fuzzy feathers on top of their heads that, indeed, look like mohawks :)

josh: can anyone tell me what kid of bird this is?
kids: turkey!
josh: that's right! can you tell me if it's a boy turkey or a girl turkey?
kid: that's a boy turkey!
josh: that's right. how do you know it's a boy turkey?
kid: 'cuz he's got chest hair (pointin to the turkey's beard)
josh: laughin....again

there were several stations at this program, and the game warden station was just one of them. inside this trailer were all the animals....and beneath or beside each animal/skin was a plaque explaining the story behind the animal. thus far, not one kid had seemed to pick up on this readily available information.

there were several stations at this program, and the game warden station was just one of them. also, at each station, the teachers would give the kids monopoly money for questions they answered correctly. one group came thru, and there was this little girl w/pig-tails, holdin a whole wad of monopoly cash.... so josh asked question after question, and each time, this little girl knew the right answer. over and over again....and her stack of money kept growin..... after it was all said and done, she came up to josh and confessed:

"you really shouldn't have given me all this money. all those questions you asked? i just read the information on the wall to get the right answer."

i think she deserved all that money for bein the only one smart enough to read the plaques!

they had a lot of fun....just laughed and laughed tellin me the stories :)

he's at a meeting the next couple days, so i'm gonna clean house and try to crank out some homework.