Sunday, February 2, 2014


in a round-about, adoption related post...

one of the benefits in growin up in the texas panhandle when i did was the circle of people you knew. now, we call it networking. fifteen years ago, it was simply a part of bein a church kid. at the height of the youth group era, when youth group kids went to church and camps together, traveled in small mobs for mission trips, and ventured into the emmaus movement, we knew folks all over the panhandle. lots of our circles overlapped... maybe we went to school together. if not, maybe we played against each other in sporting events. there was a pretty good chance our parents knew each other, too - from their own days of growing up in the panhandle way of life.

so what does this have to do w/round two of adoption? well, i'm glad you asked.

an old panhandle friend of mine - yep, one of the very kind that developed through camps and chrysalis and maybe a little basketball - sent me an email the other day. as a wife and mother of two little ones, she's started selling some books and greeting cards on the side. as she read about our adoption process and the financial burden of it all, she wanted to help.

honestly, i was a little hesitant. josh and i are working in all sorts of ways to fund this deal, and we've believed it's no one else's responsibility to make this happen. but the more i prinked (like that word? it's kinda like thinkin and kinda like prayin...), the more i find myself thinkin - who am i say no to help? 

we ask for and hope for and want and need other kinds of help in adoption...from all sorts of people. from the adoption agency, to our friends and family prayin, to the birth family's support system. so i finally emailed my old friend back and said yes.

so here's the deal.... my friend betsy is selling great children's books and really fun, well-made greeting cards. for every book and every box of cards sold, a good portion of the proceeds will go toward our adoption. 

there are books for children of every age. there are cards for all sorts of occasions. if you're interested in buying a book or a box of cards, you have from today, february 2 to saturday, february 15th.

to peruse the book selection and place an order, follow this link: books for riley to have a companion

to order a box of cards, you need to contact me. to look at the options, follow this link and click on "products": cards for riley to become a big sister

thanks.... for following, for prayin, for believin, for helpin...

thanks, betsy, for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

grateful for the panhandle way of life today.

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Sissy & Didder said...

this is so neat, thanks for dear you three
didder and sissy